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The way consumers expect to buy products and services has changed - many organisations are struggling to adapt

A customer will often know more about a particular product than you do, having spent time extensively researching online and consulting user forums. 73% of marketers believe that putting the customer at the heart of what they do is critical to their business, and consumers agree – 70% of how a buying experience is evaluated relates to how the customer feels they are being treated.

LEO Learning uses technology-enabled learning to modernise and improve the customer experience to boost sales, brand loyalty and customer retention rates. This means agile, blended solutions that allow salespeople to provide a more dynamic, customer-focused experience.

Our blended programmes allow your sales and client-facing staff to master customer engagement and ensure they create a positive and consistent experience no matter who they are dealing with. They allow a cohesive and fully integrated sales process.

Meet our expert

I first came across the field of learning technologies while at London University in 1982. I've been hooked ever since. After various jobs with Channel 4, Video Arts and ​Epic, ​I figured I must know as much about the learning tech space as anyone. So in 1989 I founded LINE.​ Little realising that I also needed to know something about running a business!​

​So I learnt 'on the job' and must have done something right, because we managed to survive for 25 years, growing to a business of more than 80 people and winning the award for 'Outstanding contribution to the industry' both as an individual and as a company.

In 2014, ​I sold LINE to ​LTG and joined the board. Following the formation of LEO Learning through the merger of LINE and Epic, ​I now ​spend my time defining the company’s strategy​​ and working with our clients. ​

For me this is about a 'coming of age'. In today's market, our clients need to get much broader strategic results from learning innovation and the use of learning technology. While the last 25 years have been hugely enjoyable and rewarding, my ambition now is to prove that we can do this at a scale and impact not yet seen!

My passion is in working out ways for practical large-scale transfer of learning, knowledge management and communications in large organisations. This has been a career-long quest and it still feels like we are only just starting to scratch the surface of the potential for the innovative and strategic use of learning technologies.