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In the current climate, talent attraction and onboarding processes are crucial for businesses

72% of UK firms say that a shortage of talent is the key business challenge they face today, and over a quarter of these do not have a plan to combat this. With an average cost of over £30,000 to hire new staff and an ever more challenging business environment, the ability to attract and retain talented staff has never been more important.

LEO Learning's talent attraction and onboarding programmes enable organisations to identify, secure and retain the best talent to meet both immediate needs and future organisational challenges. Using our 100 day model we have helped the likes of British Airways and BP to put in place the solution required to achieve greatest impact from the induction process. This holistic view of the new hire journey ensures we satisfy both the needs of the new hire and the business alike, enabling our clients to maximise the benefits of bringing on new staff.

Align your people with your tomorrow

Take an in-depth look at LEO Learning's first 100 days model in this webinar recording with Andrew Joly, LEO Learning's Director of Strategic Design.

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